Lookout Point Might be the Best Street in Hot Springs

 The beautiful, winding street called Lookout Point is so much more than just a street in Hot Springs.  It’s the place that stole our hearts and pulled us away from a hectic lifestyle in Memphis, Tennessee. As we drove down this enchanting little tree-canopied street in 1999 and discovered a charming little lakefront condo just 3 feet from the water, there was no turning back.  We then began spending most weekends traveling back and forth to our peaceful little get-away for the next three years until one beautiful Fall day.  We could no longer stand to leave our feathered friends and the peaceful quaint little spa city. In 2002, we left behind our corporate jobs and made Hot Springs our full-time home.

We may be biased, but we think Lookout Point is the best street in the city. If you would like to make Lookout Point your home, we’ve got a nice home just for you and we would love to show it to you.  Click the link below for a peek and give us a call if we can help more. (501) 655-6247.


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