The Beauty of South Ridge

While heading over to list a home on Pakis Street in the South Ridge neighborhood this week, I had forgotten what a beautiful little neighborhood this was.  As we drove in as the sun was setting, I was blown away of the beauty of this little neighborhood that’s right in the heart of the city, yet it’s tucked away in the valley with panoramic mountain views surrounding it. Then as we walked in the home to take pictures, we were even more impressed!  I LOVE screened porches and this home had the perfect screened porch along the back overlooking a wall lined with jasmine and bird feeders with some private woods behind. The neighborhood is for 55 and older folks and I thought to myself, “Wow, this would be a great little place to call home when I’m retired”.  You could tell it is one of those really safe neighborhoods where the neighbors look after each other.  As we loaded up the camera equipment and headed to the car, I noticed an older gentlemen hanging out in his garage watching every move we made…. I know mamma would be safe here!

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